Building a Shape Arcade – Part 14


I’ve repainted the monitor black to match the rest of the unit, and redid the marquee with a second copy of the logo and a small strip of black electrical tape (to give an even contrast).

I’ve also added the servo motors to the sides with shapes cut from black acrylic that will rotate during play. I also have holes for ones in the front, though they will be unused because I don’t want players to get confused (by thinking they have to rotate them as well as the dials).

Lastly, my vinyl art stickers also showed up, and I’ve started adding them to the sides too!

Building an Alternative Controller part 7


I managed to get the Bluetooth module working, and improved the issue where the shape would jump around the screen by sending a check byte to the program set to 255. By then making sure that neither potentiometer sent 255, I could use that first number to make sure that the game was reading a “complete” message.

Upon further testing with my classmates, the overwhelming feedback was to make this more of an arcade experience than a controller experience.

So I’ll be tabling the Bluetooth function in favor of building a small arcade cabinet that has reactive elements (like colored lights that match the player, and maybe some servos moving shapes on the exterior).

Building a Magical Forest – Part 1


A quick update on what we managed to accomplish today. We weren’t planning on doing any work, but Nicky offered to help show us how to set up the projectors when I went to ask for keys this weekend and I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to get started so we’re less rushed next week.

What we now have is:

– Black curtains that meet in the middle, and that can be easily moved. The room is sectioned off in the way we discussed in class.

– A white curtain velcroed to the rig that we can project a scene of a forest onto for the exhibition using a PC that has been checked out to us.

– three projectors for the forest scene

-one projector for Alex

– we have also hung 6 spotlights (that are not currently connected to power)

All of this can be rearranged as needed, and we will need a forest scene to project (can be the same across three displays), and some environmental audio.