The Radical Dreamer

The Radical Dreamer

Travel, trekking, theme parks, cooking, motorcycles and more! Join me in my dreams of experiencing the unexpected and meeting incredible people everywhere.

When my father passed away from cancer a few years ago, I realized the importance of needing to live my life rather than waiting to do so when I was ready. Because travel is a passion of mine, and I didn’t make it a priority when I was younger, I decided to make a change.

Since then I have been lucky enough to travel across the world three times between May 2015 and May 2017, and I created The Radical Dreamer (and Postal Code Unknown) as a personal blog based on my own experiences traveling the world and meeting incredible people. With a focus on photography, travel suggestions, and videos, I do my best to relay a message of empowerment for everyone interested in travel and I’m looking forward to sharing for many years to come. At the moment, I am focusing on building the content that you see here while I research excursions for 2018 and beyond.

As this is an entirely self and reader funded project, your support is critical to its success. If you enjoy reading my blog, watching my stories on youtube, listening along on iTunes, or really like some of the pictures that you see: consider purchasing a print by contacting me directly, licensing a photograph from my 500px storefront, making a direct donation through the site, or by supporting my Patreon(where there will be exclusive content and events available for subscribers).

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