Singing Tree

Final Result

The tree was placed in the back corner of our magical forest and was lit with a single spotlight. The final touch to the visual design was to add a trilby hat with a feather on it to acknowledge the fact that it was built with a coat hanger, but to also show that it was so much more. The tree is of many worlds, in the sense that it is both digital and organic, functional and mystical. We also adjusted the delay of the tree’s response to make players wait less when they are trying to learn the notes to the song, and made it so there are less notes total. This way more players can complete the puzzle when viewing the tree in exhibition.

The final result felt very true to our original design, where the tree could be a collaboration between the player and the exhibit, and could be played as an instrument or puzzle by one or many people.


  1. “Turn a banana into a guitar” The Ultimate Raspberry Pi Handbook: 2017 Edition. P.58
  2. “Box with Hexagonal Holes” by pmoews

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