Singing Tree


Including the tree as part of a larger experience was a team effort. My role ended up primarily with rigging and setup of the equipment that was used in the theatre that contained the entire experience. On our first day of rigging for our final exhibition, I worked with Tommy (who built a coded language puzzle) and Nicky (who is a member of the University staff who taught us to use the equipment). We set up six spotlights, three projectors and a white sheet covering three walls as a projecting surface to be tested when the rest of the group was available. We also set up a computer that was connected to the projectors with HDMI to ethernet converter boxes for video, and a digital mixer for audio. This way, we had plenty of opportunity to play around with the equipment when we were able to work together as a group.

I then worked with Jo (our creative director) and Alex (who made the environmental audio and a projection mapped waterfall puzzle) to configure the sound mix environment for the exhibition. I showed our team what I had learned the previous day, and we all worked together to change the setup so that there was only one projection surface at the end of the space and we adjusted the positions of the spotlights to match our intended room layout. Once we had our projectors in the right positions, I worked with Hugh (who was part of a team that built an “organic” television) to display a glitchy forest background in the room.

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