Shape Arcade


  1. “Experimental Game Development” by Phoenix Perry and Jane Friedhoff.
  2. “Connect Arduino to Open Frameworks Via Bluetooth” by Snax_and_Macs
  3. “Compiling OF Raspbian Stretch” by bakercp.
  4. “How to make a bar top arcade cabinet” by Bob Clagett.
  5. “Mini Pi-Powered Arcade Machine: 12 Steps (with Pictures)” by TobiasPI
  6. “Powering lots of LEDS from Arduino” by Erik Katerborg.
  7. “FastLED” by Daniel Garcia.
  8. “Guide for WS2812B Addressable RGB LED Strip with Arduino”
  9. “Wire Up a Fused AC Male Power Socket: 4 Steps (with Pictures) by jwbrooks0


  1. “Arcade Music Loop” by joshuaempyre. Commons 3.0 Attribution License
  2. “Positive Beeps” by themusicalnomad.
  3. “Warping” by LloydEvans09. Commons 3.0 Attribution License
  4. “Bauhaus 93 Regular” Desktop License

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