Goldsmiths Highlights

Video Highlights from my first and second term projects as an MA Independent Games and Playable Experience Design student at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Projects in Order of Appearance:

Pollock Ball: Solo VR Project, Action Painting by playing Squash/Raquetball in Virtual Reality

Projection Mapping a Japanese Garden: Projection Mapping Animation in openFrameworks that subverts traditional perspective with it’s accordion shape.

Normal for Norman: Director, Voice Actor, Narrative and Experience Designer for a 7-member VR project that explores the nature of memory and how we tell stories in Virtual Reality.

Singing Tree built with Raspberry Pi: A capacitive touch physical experience where players collaborate to learn a song from an otherworldly coatrack turned techno-tree.

Pilgrims: A social game of growth and discovery based on my experiences walking the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in 2015.

Shape Arcade: Shape Arcade is a neon-infused love letter to the early arcade era with ease of use and accessibility in mind for a custom tabletop arcade cabinet that reacts to how you play! Using two dials, players match falling shapes in progressively more difficult levels. Can you match the most?

Credit to additional developers:

Alex Fletcher (Normal for Norman?)

Benjamin Tandy (Normal for Norman?)

Doruk Hasdogan (Normal for Norman?)

Ece Hasdogan (Normal for Norman?)

Jade Hall-Smith (Normal for Norman?)

Jorid Jonland (Pilgrims)

Tommy Graven (Pilgrims and Normal for Norman?)

Wichaya Karnchanapee (Singing Tree)

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