Designing Your International Experience


About This Class:

Note: The original method for submitting work in this class was to upload our assignments to a personal website that we created during the class. A link to that site may or may not be included in the future (the layout and formatting were significantly damaged during the transition from Google “Pages” to Google “Sites”. However, the assignment content has been transferred here in its original form in order to preserve as much of the original content as possible.

Cue original page design:


Assignment #1: Goals Statement

Goals Statement is here.

Edit: Updated on May 2nd, 2008 to reflect the final assignment.

Assignment #2: Scouting Report

The Scouting Report Presentation video is available in both





(Update: 2/29): Check here for Assignment Information.

Assignment #3: Charting Your Journey

Check here for this Assignment!

Assignment #4: Travel Study Design

Check the file cabinet below to find a PDF version of this assignment. There was a section on budgeting my expenses during the semester in the original document that has been removed because it contained sensitive information that I am uncomfortable sharing publicly.

Travel Study Design

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