Building a Shape Arcade – Part 4


Testing the motorized function of my prototype cabinet. Right now I have a square taped to an SG90 microservo that is mapped to the player controller.

The hope is to have several shapes moving on the side of the cabinet as you play. It’s very cool, but kind of gimmicky at the moment. If it manages to perform well in testing without distracting players (the servos are pretty noisy), I’ll keep it 🙂

Building a Shape Arcade – Part 2


After experimenting with the smaller prototype (to my right in the picture above), I realized that I needed to make things bigger to get the range of motion I want from the final piece.

I followed the excellent tutorial by TobiasPi ( to quickly prototype a larger test bed with cardboard. This way I can quickly add lights and motors while I finalize my design specifications and changes to the design found in the tutorial.

As you can tell from the photo, I’m pretty excited about this!