Rebuilding a Singing Tree – Part 1

The Singing Tree was one of my favorite projects while at Goldsmiths. Sadly, it was dismantled at the end of the term when I had to leave the UK. I see it now as an opportunity to apply what I’ve learned since to improve it!

The rough plan is to update the design by building it with sturdier materials, to make it modular to aid in assembling/disassembling for transport, to add lighting (which was one of the original goals that we didn’t have time to complete), and to incorporate conductive paint as a more natural interface than foil tape. I’ll be documenting my development process here in the coming weeks.

More information on the original project can be found further back in this blog, or at https://matthewdeline.com/portfolio/singing-tree/

Campfire Tales Development Diary – Part 3

Campfire Tales, Updates

“Campfire Tales” is my upcoming project that utilizes procedural generation, room-scale environmental effects, and performance elements to make a unique storytelling experience that can’t be found anywhere else. This week: I detail the process of taking peer feedback and using it to iterate my design for the development of my second prototype.

Informal Research Objective


This is an assignment that we had to do early in our final term to start brainstorming what we planned to do for our thesis and game due at the end of the academic year. I’m posting this here to demonstrate the evolution of my thinking as I continued to do research on modern storytelling techniques. I started off with a very different idea (that you can see some elements of) before working with a few other groups as a project manager and narrative consultant while researching and settling on what my final project would eventually become. More on that in the posts to follow.

Building a Shape Arcade – Part 14


I’ve repainted the monitor black to match the rest of the unit, and redid the marquee with a second copy of the logo and a small strip of black electrical tape (to give an even contrast).

I’ve also added the servo motors to the sides with shapes cut from black acrylic that will rotate during play. I also have holes for ones in the front, though they will be unused because I don’t want players to get confused (by thinking they have to rotate them as well as the dials).

Lastly, my vinyl art stickers also showed up, and I’ve started adding them to the sides too!