Building an Alternative Controller part 5


Success! I was able to transmit the same serial data over Bluetooth using an HC-06 module with minimal changes to the code.

Because it is a bit buggy, I will have to experiment with the amount of delay and how the code is interpreted in openFrameworks to make it smoother. The only real change was with mapping the values.

Because the HC-06 only accepts a 3.3V power connection, it reduces the range of the potentiometers that I have. I kept only receiving maximum values of 169.

Which if you multiply by 1.5 you get 255. So by multiplying 255 by 1.5 to get 383 and mapping to that value, I’m able to get a more accurate range of data to send to openFrameworks.

Next steps are to Prototype the game experience with keyboard controls, and to invest in better potentiometers. Next version should be breadboardless as I move closer to finalizing a circuit board design.

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