Term 2 Project Ideas

My original hope was to extend further with my work in the first term by making something musical and playful in the vein of a rhythm game using non-capacitive touch components. It seems likely that I will be joining a project in Approaches to Play 2 that is musical (and provides an opportunity to use different components), so I am in a position to rethink what I would like to accomplish in Physical Computing 2.

I’d be interested in extending or developing further the ideas that are demonstrated here: http://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-3D-Controller/. This is a 3D position tracking type controller that seems like a fun project to work on, but I’m not sure how I could develop it further, or if I could apply it to be useful for people with accessibility issues. It might be fun to make a little game or robot that you can control using this controller, but I worry that it might be well beyond my skill level and scope for what I can accomplish during this term. I’d love to make something like this: https://makezine.com/2018/02/19/this-3d-printed-arduino-based-hexapod-robot-is-hysterical/.

Alternatively, I’d still like to work on a component of a room scale experience, even if it is on my own. This could be looking at using sensors to control lighting or motors in a room (something reactive, like being in a small corridor with faces that follow you while you move along). This would only really be a slice of a full experience, because I wouldn’t be able to complete it by myself. This would also be a really good opportunity to explore using OSC, which I have only heard about but would be interested in exploring finding ways to make an Arduino do something interesting in an automated space.

I apologize for the meandering set of ideas, as I don’t quite have a concrete long-term plan at the moment. I plan to start by exploring the above mentioned technologies during the strike action, and build something of my own that utilizes these technologies in an interesting way to the best of my abilities. At this time, I’m still unsure of what that might be.

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