Building an Alternative Controller part 1


Following some experimentation with TouchOSC and openFrameworks for another course, I think that I’ve developed an idea (a basic one) that I would like to explore for my end of term project for this course.


I’m planning on making a simple rhythm game where the player needs to match a shape with shapes coming from the top or the side of the screen in increasing levels of difficulty. Control would be received over OSC, and I would like to make a controller for this game in this class with an arduino (or feather) receiving input from potentiometers. One dial would control position along a single axis, one dial would control shape, and one would be a stretch input that would control scale.


The stretch input would allow me to further develop our exploration into soft circuits from this term.


Ideally I would end up with a controller with two dials that stretches, and has an HDMI and power jack for play, or a battery for power and a wireless connection to a second device running open frameworks.


This is still very early in the planning process, but a much more concrete idea than I had previously.

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