Building a Magical Forest – Part 1


A quick update on what we managed to accomplish today. We weren’t planning on doing any work, but Nicky offered to help show us how to set up the projectors when I went to ask for keys this weekend and I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to get started so we’re less rushed next week.

What we now have is:

– Black curtains that meet in the middle, and that can be easily moved. The room is sectioned off in the way we discussed in class.

– A white curtain velcroed to the rig that we can project a scene of a forest onto for the exhibition using a PC that has been checked out to us.

– three projectors for the forest scene

-one projector for Alex

– we have also hung 6 spotlights (that are not currently connected to power)

All of this can be rearranged as needed, and we will need a forest scene to project (can be the same across three displays), and some environmental audio.

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