Building a Singing Tree with Raspberry Pi -Part 11


So we haven’t managed to get the script to output audio over Bluetooth, as it appears that the sudo command (which is required to access the GPIO pins) sets the default audio device to the analog out. We can solve this by using an aux cable, but if there’s time to correct this at a later time, we will return to this.

We’re hoping to complete the project by taking the following steps:

1) Figure out how to get the raspberry pi to communicate to a feather or Arduino over Bluetooth, so that we can send data that could turn on an LED. This LED would be switched for elwire in the final product.

2) Once we’ve done that, make it so that when you touch a Capacitive input, it plays a sound and produces light in sync.

3) From there we will introduce our own sounds and determine a sequence in python to allow us to play with the sounds and lights to solve a basic puzzle.

4) We then need to figure out how to make the tree large (which has power and other concerns). For now, I will be working on numbers 1 and 2, and Billy will be working on 3 until we can meet again to collaborate.

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